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Freezer chest with curved glass MLG-250

Vendor code: MLG-250
Freezer chest with curved glass MLG-250 is equipped with the glass, convex cover, by means of which one can examine easily the freezer content. It is easy to be opened. Owing to its design, the product is broadly used for demonstrational visibility of goods.
  • 12 months
17 750 rub. price for 1 pcs.
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Volume, l
Power consumption kW/24 h
Weigh in packaging, kg
Weight without packaging, kg
Dimensions without packaging HxWxL, m
0.80 / 0.60 / 0.80
Dimensions in packaging HxWxL, m
0.85 / 0.65 / 0.85
Capacity, l
Voltage, V / Hz
220 / 50
R 134 a
Ambient air temperature, °С
from + 5 to + 32
Temperature conditions, °С
from - 18 to - 25
Chest complete set
basket - 2, wheels - 4
electromechanical adjustment
Galvanized metal with polymeric coating Ral 9003 (white)
Plastic colors
blue, grey, red

A freezer chest with curved glass MLG-250 with a convex sliding glass cover ensures the visibility and easy access to goods. The curved glass makes the design more attractive and promotes to buy products. That is why, such freezer chest is also called “impulse”.

A dead or rack-and-pinion lock installed directly on the curved glass allows eliminating unauthorized access to goods.

All chests with glass covers manufactured by us are completed with unusual tempered glass. In case of impact, it breaks into fine fragments and does not hurt humans or products. In addition, a special thinnest coating is applied to the inner surface of the cover glass; it prevents from thermal ray penetration to the refrigeration bath of the chest.

MLG-250 is completed with wheels and two internal metal baskets.

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