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Refrigeration cabinets «Bonvini»

In the process of development with the involvement of Italian specialists, all the wishes of both the staff and the owners of the outlets were taken into account. Numerous tests in severe operational and climatic conditions have allowed creating reliable, high-quality refrigeration equipment that can satisfy the requirements of the widest range of potential users.

To control the refrigeration system, an electronic controller is used, which is located in the easy access zone, and a bright indication on the front panel makes it possible to determine the actual temperature inside the cabinet at any time with high accuracy. Within just a few seconds, you can correct the performance of the equipment taking into account the ambient temperature and the frequency of opening the doors.

Built-in LED illumination creates an attractive appearance of the exhibited foodstuff, which significantly increases the factor of an impulsive purchase.

The upper location of the aggregate unit makes it possible to exclude the heat influxes rising upwards into the volume; at the lower location, and the clogging of the condenser occurs with much less intensity. Meanwhile, it is the clogging of the condenser for this commercial equipment, which is the most negative moment, which seriously affects the efficiency of the refrigeration system as a whole.

Acceptable price, professional refrigeration system, truthful volume, which in our time is relevant, make these cabinets very popular at the market. At their creation cheap, low-quality components are not applied, and high reliability of refrigeration cabinets "Bonvini" is ensured by the use of materials only from the best world manufacturers.