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Choosing the right freezer chest: criteria and tips

Freezer chests are the refrigeration electrical equipment intended for long-term storage and quick freezing of vegetables and fruits, mushrooms and semi-finished products, meat, fish and other articles of food. Until recently, this equipment was used exclusively in the trading environment. Today, the chests for freezing are used in cafes and gas stations, small restaurants and educational institutions, offices and supermarkets (self-service elements), fast food restaurants, etc. No way to do without a freezer also as concerns farms, residents of the suburbs. But since the equipment of this class is highly specialized, many buyers have a reasonable question: how to choose a good freezer chest for home or business. Experts of our company "ECO-1" will help you to sort out this problem.

Choosing a freezer for the purpose intended

The main difference of all types of chests is the structural design of the cover. The following types of freezers are manufactured:

  1. With tight-head metal cover.

    It is used for long-term storage of foodstuff. Such devices are also called boxes for freezing. Our company produces models with tight-head cover made of stainless steel. It is resistant to mechanical loads and low temperatures. Boxes are suitable for farms, kitchens, restaurants and cafes, household use, convenient when trading through the counter.

  2. With glass tight-head straight cover.

    This type of refrigeration equipment is convenient to use in retail outlets for demonstration storage of foodstuff. Such units are practical in use, since they permit, without lifting the cover, to examine the contents of the chest. Reducing the frequency of getting warm air into the chamber for freezing allows extension of the operational life of the equipment, and makes it possible to observe the correct storage conditions of the foodstuff. We offer freezing chests with a straight cover made of unbreakable and load-resistant glass.

  3. With tight-head curved (convex) cover.

    Such installations are a demonstration solution and were designed for trade objects. Convex glass increases the visibility in the chamber and looks more aesthetically.

If you take into account the design features of the equipment, then you will easily pick up what you need. This type of refrigeration unit is suitable for small cafes or restaurants, shops. With an impressive turnover of foodstuff, it is recommended to choose closed-type bonnets with a large payload volume of the chamber.

Choosing freezer chest per room capacity

The room capacity of equipment, or its payload internal volume, is measured in liters. It can vary from 100 to 800 liters. Because of the wide range of models, it's not easy to make a purchase. In order not to be mistaken, our experts will prompt you how to choose a freezer chest per the internal volume:

  • 150-200 liters — a chest for a small family of 2-3 people;

  • 350-400 liters — device for a family of 4-6 people;

  • 450-650 liters — equipment for sale outlets, farms, fast food enterprises, etc.

Our company offers freezer chests in a wide range at the manufacturer's price. The units are equipped with electromechanical control, are easy going as to operational conditions and have compact dimensions. The choice of the last parameter should be based on the free area of ​​the room where the unit will be located and the required capacity. We offer horizontal freezer chests with a length of 800 mm up to 2,000 mm. The height of the equipment is usually 800 mm, and the width is 600 mm. Such parameters of height and width of installations increase the comfort of their operation - low boxes are easy to fill, it is easy to pick up foodstuff from them. For confined spaces, we recommend to use vertical refrigeration equipment.

Choice of freezer according to climatic class

The class of aggregate units is a parameter determined by the temperature mode inside the freezer when the equipment operates under specific temperature conditions of the surrounding environment and humidity of the air masses. The following types of chests are used:

  • Class IV — surrounding  environment temperature is + 30°C, humidity - 65%;

  • IV + — surrounding  environment temperature  is + 35°С, humidity - 70%;

  • V — surrounding  environment temperature is + 40°С, humidity - 55%.

Our company offers horizontal refrigeration equipment of the IV climatic class. The temperature mode inside the chest can be adjusted in the range from -18 °C to -23 °C. The models of equipment are supplied with distribution baskets for more convenient systematic storage of foodstuff, and are also equipped with wheels. We have low prices and favorable terms of cooperation.