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Magazine "Tochka prodazh" about ECO-1

Today the Russian manufacturers, including ECO-1, mainly use the R134a and R4O4a coolants. The R134a coolant was created as an alternative to R12 and at the time of its creation it complied with all the requirements for equipment. Unlike

R3S4a, R404a is a mixture of the R143a, R125 and R134a fluorocarbon refrigerants. Both refrigerants have been used in the market for about 30 years, and therefore do not fully meet the latest requirements. Today the western companies are increasingly switching to the R290 (propane) coolant, which allows reducing emissions and improving the energy efficiency of equipment.

The main advantages of propane are as follows: low power consumption, that is, direct cost savings for the user and environmental friendliness of emissions. The disadvantage may include the self-ignition of R290 in the air. The coolant safety is guaranteed by proper operation of the SRE, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. The choice of the coolant largely depends on the demand dictated by market leaders - global and federal retail networks, which are focused on increasing the social and environmental responsibility.

Unfortunately, Russia is not a leader in shop equipment manufacture. However, ECO-1 intends to remedy this situation and today it is one of the first to design SRE using the R290 coolant to be marketed in the second quarter of 2018. The new equipment developed using the R290 coolant is not more complex and not more labor-intensive than the previous one. The company understands the problems of its customers and is interested in solving them in the most optimal way. At the same time, the price will remain at the same level, but the service life of the SRE will increase, and energy costs will decrease. All this will results in savings.

Vladislav Polevoy

Chief Engineer of ECO-1