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Shop refrigeration equipment for stores

ECO-1 is famous in the shop refrigeration equipment market as a manufacturer of “Snezh” freezer chests, and also “Bonvini” bonnets and refrigeration cabinets. The company's products are purchased by those who appreciate reliable, high quality refrigeration equipment and is ready to do this at a reasonable price.

The wide dealer network allows delivering refrigeration equipment throughout Russia, CIS countries and some regions of the non-CIS countries. Our main clients are trade and catering companies. Chests are operated not only at stores, but are also used as refrigerators to store frozen products as household appliances.

The company's sites are located in Moscow region. Since 2007, “Snezh” chests are released from the production shops of ECO-1. The production of “Bonvini” cabinets and bonnets was mastered in 2011, when the company's management decided to expand the product line. To design cabinets and bonnets of TM “Bonvini”, Italian experts have been involved, and wishes of the owners and staff of the trade companies where refrigeration equipment is used have been considered.

The company has an up-to-date production base and continues improving in response to the market demands. For example, in the second quarter of 2018, ECO-1 mastered the production of equipment using the coolant R290 (propane). This will save 20 % of electric power for end users. High energy efficiency of propane as compared to its analogues will allow a compressor to extend its life cycle, not requiring replacement or repair. In addition, this coolant selection is caused by the current tendency of environmental friendliness as it decreases emissions to the atmosphere.

Proposed equipment and its features

We may sell refrigeration equipment for a sales area in a supermarket, café, restaurant or canteen:

  • Freezer chests with tight-head metal covers or with glass sliding shutters (curved or straight). The payload volume of chests is 236 to 650 l.

  • Closed-type premium class bonnets with straight or curved glass. Glasses can be removed during products loading into a bath. Bonnets are intended for operation in the mode of refrigeration and freezing equipment. If necessary, they can be completed with superstructures. The payload volume of chests is 565 to 1,100 l.

  • Premium class cabinets-shopwindows with swing glass doors equipped with advertising illumination channels. The payload volume of chests is 360 to 680 l.

See detailed information about the performance of proposed products in the catalogue. 

Advantages of our equipment:

  • Reliability due to the use of components of global leaders;

  • Multiphase control system that includes computer testing and ensures high quality;

  • Operating characteristics comply with the applicable requirements;

  • High indicators of energy efficiency;

  • Better price to quality ratio (chests have the less cost per litre of cooled volume as compared to the competent brands);

  • Ergonomic and stylish design;

  • Opportunity to select equipment due to a wide product range;

  • The process base of the company improves continuously and this affects the quality stability;

  • All the proposed products are certified and have guarantees;

  • It is possible to brand equipment (for large wholesale lots of products).

Advantages of technical refrigeration equipment from ECO-1:

  • Delivery of chests, bonnets, and cabinets can be made to any region of the country due to the developed logistic and dealer networks;

  • Compulsory control of each product item by the control service guarantees reliable operation of equipment;

  • Specific system of discounts for dealers, which depends on the volume of sales and logistics features;

  • Flexible system of discounts depending on logistics;

  • The company's experts are ready to share their experience, help to make an optimal decision when selecting refrigeration equipment with necessary parameters;

  • The company's employees are noted for their professionalism and kindness, and the client-oriented approach.