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One of the important components of work activities of our online marketplace is that the goods sold are certified and provided with a brand guarantee.

Warranty obligations

The warranty period of chest is 12 months from the date of its sale through the retail trading network, but not more than 14 months from the date of issue.

The warranty is implemented by the vendor's (seller's) service department upon availability of a warranty coupon and according to the warranty repair conditions specified in it.

The warranty is valid upon availability:

  • guarantee coupon with the date of sale, store stamp, compressor number (compressor assembly unit) and serial number of the chest.

Please, make sure that the warranty card is filled in correctly.

The warranty is not valid, if:

  • there were not fully implemented all the rules of installation and operation in compliance with the  manufacturer’s requirements and performance specifications of a product;

  • the equipment set was changed without the written consent of a vendor (seller);

  • the components have mechanical damages, which are due to errors in installation activities and operation, negligence, improper maintenance and storage.

The warranty for the product does not include maintenance of the equipment during the warranty period.

The vendor (seller) is not responsible for direct or indirect damage caused as a result of equipment failure.

In the event of equipment failure, the owner must ensure the safety of commodity.

In the event of the loss of operation manual and coupons, duplicates are not issued, and the owner is denied the right to warranty repair operations.