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How much will it cost delivery to City N?

The delivery of equipment is carried out by self-transportation, including through transportation company. In this case, the cost of transport is entirely dependent on the conditions of your chosen carrier.

Is it possible to operate freezer chests at subzero temperature?

In terms of electrical safety, our equipment corresponds to IP20 according to GOST 14254. The product with the protection class of IP20 cannot be used in cases when water may appear in the form of rain drops, falling drops of condensate, water jets, etc. At subzero temperature, condensation may form.

Glass broke in the refrigeration cabinet "Bonvini", is it possible to replace it yourself?

In our refrigeration cabinets, this possibility is constructively incorporated. In the upper and lower end part of the door, the profile with a handle for opening the door is fastened with attachment screw, having unscrewed which, this profile can be removed. After removing the remaining segments of glass, a new glass is inserted in the plane of three door profiles, and fixed with a profile with a handle.

Will the bonnets operate normally if they are arranged in a line of more than two bonnets, by aggregate unit part to each other?

Owing to the rubberized bumpers installed on our bonnets, there will always be a small gap between bonnets. For air intake, there are also side ventilation grilles, and special ventilation holes in the area of engine compartment. Therefore, such installation arrangement for “Bonvini” bonnets is not critical.