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Dear customers, delivery by the manufacturer is ONLY for the equipment. Accessories can be delivered together with a batch of equipment. Separate from the equipment components are not delivered.

When ordering equipment through our Internet shop, delivery within Moscow and Moscow region at cash payment. Delivery in Moscow is carried out free of charge, in other cases at a rate of 1 km - 25 rubles.

For example: you need delivery to a point situated in 25 km away from the MKAD Ring Road, the road will be counted in in both directions (25 rubles + 25 rubles); 25 km = 1250 rubles.

In other cases, the delivery is carried out on the conditions of self-transportation including through any transportation companies convenient for you.

More detailed information on the terms of delivery of the goods, you can find out directly from a cargo carrier.

Attention! In case of taking cargo via a transportation company, availability of the "General Power of Attorney" payer, on this transportation company is MANDATORY!