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Refrigeration cabinets

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We present new professional refrigeration cabinet of the premium class with the payload volume of 680 liters “Bonvini BGC 750”.
Vendor code: 750 BGC
37 500 rub. price from 1 pcs.
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Refrigeration cabinets “Bonvini” BGC 500 with the payload volume of 470 liters is the premium class equipment.
Vendor code: 500 BGC
31 250 rub. price from 1 pcs.
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Refrigeration cabinets “Bonvini” BGC400 with the payload volume of 420 liters is the premium class equipment. “Bonvini” are professional refrigeration cabinets with modern light diode emitting illumination system that has compact dimensions, and which imparts specific, attractive appearance to refrigerated foodstuff by its white and cold illumination color.
Vendor code: 400 BGC
29 100 rub. price from 1 pcs.
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Refrigeration cabinets “Bonvini” BGC 350, with payload volume of 360 liters is the premium class equipment.
Vendor code: 350 BGC
27 450 rub. price from 1 pcs.
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ECO-1 proposes refrigeration cabinets for cafés, canteens, refreshment rooms, stores, markets and drug stores. The equipment is intended for storing cooled food products, medicines, beverages, as well as for demonstrating goods. This type of equipment is completed with a transparent swing door made of glass. It ensures unhindered visual access to goods, which enables demonstrating them without the shutter opening, guarantees the temperature maintenance inside the refrigerator and extends its service life. We propose to buy the certified equipment of TM “Bonvini” at a manufacturer's price.

Operating features

The purchase of a showcase type refrigerator has a considerable advantage – useful space saving. A vertical construction is well accommodated in non-functional niches and corners. A large quantity of spacious shelves ensures easy and quick access to products stored. Cultured milk foods, fish, meat, beverages, greens, vegetables, and finished products can be stored in our vertical refrigeration showcases for a short period of time (up to 3–7 days).

The goods represented in our catalogue:

  • refer to medium temperature units – cooling within 0 ÷ to + 8 °С;

  • are equipped with a high strength glass door – tempered thick glass with perfect characteristics of light transmission. It is resistant to mechanical and chemical loads; it does not allow UV rays to penetrate inside the chamber; and it ensures the product preservation;

  • have the automatic defrosting function;

  • are equipped with a light channel;

  • have a payload volume of 360–420 (470) to 680 l;

  • are made of environmentally friendly, durable materials – galvanized metal, aluminium, and polymer protection coating on the outer side of the housing;

  • are equipped with an electronic controller for comfortable adjustment of the operation mode;

  • low power – no more than 3 kW per day.

The refrigerator hardware is located on the top of the cabinet. You may buy cooling equipment with mechanical or electromagnetic lock on the glass door from our company. When exposed to heavy mechanical loads, the glass breaks into fine fragments, which guarantee the operating safety of the equipment. Reliable and stable operation of the trade refrigeration cabinet is confirmed by the quality certificates. Convection ensures uniform and high quality cooling of products.

How to choose

As far as single-door refrigeration showcases are purchased for cooling and demonstration of goods, the main criterion is payload volume. The larger quantity of products to be stored in the cold, the more necessary the refrigerator. The following items are also taken into account:

  • Inner finish and coating. Galvanized steel with polymer coating allows maintaining sanitary and hygienic conditions inside the refrigeration cabinet. It is resistant to loads, disinfection, and is durable;

  • Shelves and tanks. They must allow easy adjustment of the section height, and be made of a high strength material. “Bonvini” refrigeration cabinets are completed with shelves that withstand the load of 40 to 65 kg;

  • Supplementary accessories, modes;

  • Power consumption. The less power consumer, the less expenses;

  • Easy maintenance and connection.

To simplify the procedure of the goods purchase, we provided a detail description and detail specifications of each model. In case of any difficulties, contact our expert.