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Каталог товаров (морозильные лари СНЕЖ, морозильные бонеты и холодильные шкафы Bonvini)

Shop refrigeration equipment with “Snezh” and “Bonvini” trademarks

Shop equipment with “Snezh” and “Bonvini” trademarks acquired deservedly widespread appreciation both in Russia and post-Soviet countries. Its high quality and reliability are ensured by the use of complementary parts from leading worldwide manufacturers, and by the strictest quality control of assembly operations with the use of computer-based testing. Manufactured in compliance with the best world standards, this equipment was created taking into account all up-to-date requirements to operational and ergonomic characteristics.

These days we offer the widest line of freezer chests applied both in commercial activities and fast food outlets, as well as for household use. These are reliable and operations-friendly freezer chests featuring the lowest cost per the liter of cooling volume distributed in Russia, which can be met practically in every corner of our country.

Totally enclosed refrigeration cabinets and freezer bonnets of “Bonvini” trademark belong to the premium class equipment. Excellent trade dress and functional flexibility, structural integrity and design features of this equipment make it possible to use it for many years.

Freezer chests from “ECO-1” Company

Freezer chests “Snezh” represent point of sale equipment, which is essentially intended for storage of the articles of food that undergone deep freezing. Our state-of-the-art production facilities make it possible to manufacture reliable goods that can be purchased at the affordable price directly at works.

The freezer chest is suitable not only for storage of goods, but also for pre-sale demonstration. At present, freezer chests can be met practically at any market outlet selling articles of food. Simplicity and easiness in operation of freezer chests make them indispensible at any point of sell. Today, our freezer chests are broadly applied both for household needs and fast food outlets.

Depending on the cover design, different types of chests are distinguished. The freezer can have metal tight-end cover or glass cover with shaped or straight glass. We are glad to offer you high-quality equipment, which corresponds to all standards of the best point of sale equipment. Our equipment is convenient in its operation, ecologically clean and was created with broad application at our freezer chests’ production facilities of imported component parts. Our online marketplace contains a wide range of refrigeration equipment having realistic COST. Here, you can always buy domestic-made freezer chests “Snezh” at the acceptable price.