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Refrigeration cabinet Bonvini 400 BGC

Vendor code: 400 BGC
Refrigeration cabinets “Bonvini” BGC400 with the payload volume of 420 liters is the premium class equipment. “Bonvini” are professional refrigeration cabinets with modern light diode emitting illumination system that has compact dimensions, and which imparts specific, attractive appearance to refrigerated foodstuff by its white and cold illumination color.
  • 12 months
32 592 rub. price for 1 pcs.
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Refrigeration cabinets “Bonvini” BGC 400 with the payload volume of 420 liters is the equipment of premium class.

“Bonvini” is professional refrigeration cabinets that have LED backlighting of compact size, which makes the cooled product highly attractive due to its white cold color. The LED illumination is intended for the entire service life of the refrigeration cabinet, using the principle “buy – forget”; moreover, the power consumption is only 3 W. The electronic controller used to control the refrigeration system is installed in the zone of easy access, and bright indication on the front panel permits to determine with high accuracy the actual temperature in the refrigeration cabinet volume at any moment. Only within several seconds, it is possible to perform correction of equipment operation taking into account surrounding environment temperature and frequency of door opening. The electronic control unit ensures strict observance of time interval for despotic defrosting, and in particular cases, can be easily adjusted.

This refrigeration equipment has a high potential ensured by the operating flexibility, perfect appearance, high quality of assembly and used materials.

The quality of refrigeration cabinets “Bonvini” BGC-400 is ensured by spider work of company specialists and application of complementary parts and components produced only by the best world manufacturers.

Gross capacity, total, l
Temperature mode, С°
0 to +8
Power consumption, kW/24 h
Dimensions without packaging HxWxL, m
0,750 / 0,600 / 1,900
Dimensions in packaging HxWxL, m
0,770 / 0,615 / 2,000
Weight without packaging, kg
Power, W
Body material
Galvanized metal with polymeric coating Ral 9003 (white)
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