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Freezer chest with straight glass MLP-600

Vendor code: MLP-600
Freezer chest with straight glass MLP-600 is ecologically friendly, fire safe and exhibits high electric safety. This makes it indispensable in the supermarket chains where buyers pick up the articles of food themselves. The product is in blue color.
  • 12 months
28 068 rub. price for 1 pcs.
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“Snezh” freezer chests MLP-600 with straight glass are usually installed in sales areas of stores to store and demonstrate frozen products. Our chest line includes both small models that are very convenient in case of confined space and chests to store a large assortment of products. Chests with straight glass are popular among trade companies. If necessary, equipment with a dead or rack-and-pinion lock can be ordered. Such lock installed directly on the straight glass allows eliminating unauthorized access.

All chests with glass covers manufactured by our company are completed with unusual tempered glass, which in case of strong impact breaks into fine fragments and does not hurt humans and products. In addition, a special thinnest coating is applied to the inner surface of the cover glass; it prevents from thermal ray penetration to the refrigeration bath of the chest.

Gross capacity, total, l
Power consumption, kW/24 h
Dimensions without packaging HxWxL, m
0,815 / 0,604 / 1,604
Dimensions in packaging HxWxL, m
0,830 / 0,640 / 1,640
Weight without packaging, kg
Voltage, V / Hz
220 / 50
Ambient air temperature, °С
from + 5 to + 32
Power, W
Chest complete set
basket - 6, wheels - 4
electromechanical adjustment
Body material
Galvanized metal with polymeric coating Ral 9003 (white)
Plastic colors
blue, grey, red
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